By law, movers are required to provide basic coverage for every move at no charge. This coverage is based on weight and the value of items lost or damaged is evaluated solely on the weight regardless of the actual value. This coverage is $.30 or $.60 per pound depending the state you are moving from or within. The coverage for all interstate moves is $.60 per pound.
For example, a night table that weighs 10 pounds was damaged during a move from New York City to Greenwich, Connecticut. Regardless of the actual value, if you carried the basic coverage that was provided to you by Arthur Werner Moving & Storage, Inc, the compensation for replacement or repair of this item would be $.60 per pound totaling $6.00.
Moving an apartment or a house from point to point involves risk of damage. Although 99% of moves are damage-free, we recommend that you enhance your coverage. The following are options available for you to select from either your insurance company or ours.
Check your homeowner's/renter's insurance policy. You may be covered for moving. If not, check the cost for your insurance to cover you. It may more cost effective for you due to your existing relationship with your insurance provider.
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