'' Imagine a move with no waste…
   No boxes to dispose of, no tape, no mess. ''
Moving Green is a new program offered by Arthur Werner Moving & Storage, Inc., and it’s aim is to significantly reduce the amount of waste generated by the move process.
By using 100% recyclable plastic containers and corrugated plastic boxes, we can reduce up to 90% of waste produced by a typical residential move. These boxes are made from a type of plastic material that are completely recycled into new boxes at the end of their life span. Currently we offer 4 different sizes which are designed to replace the typical moving boxes in widespread use today, including wardrobe boxes.
Moving Green is available to everyone. It is affordable, easier to use, and better for our environment whether you are a residential or commercial customer or just interested in renting our containers for your move. You can save money and feel good about it. To take advantage of this program, you should be moving within the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area.
If you’d like to take a look at our containers, please click here.