Arthur Werner Moving & Storage, Inc. provides 3 types of estimates. Phone estimates, online estimates and onsite estimates. Accurate estimates will make your move flow smoothly and will help us assign the appropriate resources.
On-Site Estimates - Most negative move experiences are due to 2 factors that can easily be avoided. These are miscalculation of time and cost of the move. At Arthur Werner Moving & Storage, Inc., we make it a rule that if we are invited to bid on your move and perform an on-site estimate, we guarantee the price. Your move quote will be sent to you on the same day. It will describe the services you requested and those you will receive. This proposal will include all the charges such as labor, packing supplies, valuation, and any other charges which may apply to your move. This proposal is guaranteed not to exceed the quoted price. So, if it's big, fragile, and complicated, and requires experienced movers we are confident we are up to the task. To schedule an on-site estimate, please click here.
Phone Estimates - Our experienced sales people can provide very accurate estimates on the phone that are based upon a conversation with you and with a verbal furniture or box list you provide. We then email or fax the estimate. Most customers are not sure what type of estimate they need for their move. So, let our staff guide you through the process. When calling to inquire about a local move, you should plan to provide as much detailed information as possible.
Online Estimates - When you fill out an online form and submit it through our secure server, this file will be directed to one of our sales associates. Based on the information you enter, you will receive a quote for your move. If anything has to be clarified, you will be contacted directly via the method of your choice. These quotes are not auto generated – they are individually done by our experienced professionals and are guaranteed. To request an online estimate, please click here.
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